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* Our 3 area Carpet cleaning special includes pre-treatment, spot and stain treatment, surface deodorizer and a 260 degree hot water rinse which leaves no sticky residue left behind. One area covers either a room or a hall up to 250 sq. feet. Extra sq. feet can be added for $.20 a sq. foot. Offer includes limited furniture moving of up to 6 items weighing up to 60 lbs each. All carpets must be vacuumed before arrival. If you prefer I can vacuum for $10 per area.  

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Beware of Low Price, Bait and Switch Carpet Cleaners in Vancouver, Washington. You will see their carpet cleaning advertisements frequently. They promise a super low carpet cleaning price, but when they get inside your home it's a different story. They will often try to sell you everything from duel process carpet cleaning to carpet protector that may be plain water. Most likely they are cleaning with detergents which may make your carpets feel "crunchy". Before long you may notice your carpets are getting dirtier faster. They may have a super low price per room and a small square foot limit.  If your carpets goes over as little as a foot it may now be considered a whole extra room. By the time they are finish you may be glad they are out of your home, having paid too much for an inferior job. 


Why Our Customers Like Us


People like us because of our honest approach to pricing. We DON'T play games - No Hidden Fees! No matter how dirty your carpet is, you pay one low price. All of my fees are listed on my website. You know what you will be paying before we walk through the door. 


Our process is truly State-Of-The-Art. We clean with a van-mounted machine where hoses comes inside your house. The carpet cleaning equipment I use is an Everest 650. It has over twice the horse-power as most "other" carpet cleaning machines. This can give you a dryer, cleaner carpet. 

My main cleaning agent I use is Soap Free Procyon Extreme. It's Powerful and yet Soap free / Detergent free, Odorless, Hypro-allergenic, Non-Toxic, and Biodegradable with no VOCs and no off gassing. It's green certified and it's safe for you, your family and pet's.  Feel free to look the product up online at In extreme circumstance's I also have more powerful non-green treatments available for the same cost. 


When you purchase 4 or more rooms of carpet cleaning, we speed dry one of the rooms free of charge.  We do this by placing one or two large air-movers specificity made to dry carpet.  By doing this you may have a room dry before we leave.  Free shoe cover's are also provided, so you can use the other rooms that we have cleaned.