Apartment Carpet Cleaning

At Top Notch Carpet Cleaning we specialize in bringing your old, stained carpet back to life in Vancouver WA. I’m very confident that if I can’t get it clean no one can. I’ve been in business for over 18 years. I can’t guarantee I can make ever carpet like new but if it’s possible I will be able to do it.

Here are some reasons you will love Top Notch Carpet Cleaning in Vancouver WA:

1. James, the owner, will be on every job:

That’s right, you will get the same quality cleaning on each and every job. No one cares more about getting your carpets clean than the owner of the company.

2. Superior equipment:

I use a carpet cleaning truck mount called a Everest 650. My machine has twice the horse power as most “other” carpet cleaning truck mount’s.  Because of the extra power, I have more heat and vacuum than most other carpet cleaning machines. This is most helpful when removing deep down stains and dirt.

3. Two hundred gallon water tank:

If you have broken or no water faucets on your building this is not a problem for me. I never have to hook up to your water to clean your carpets.

4. Easy Scheduling:

You can either email, call or text to book your carpet cleaning job. Just let me know a few days in advance and I will get your carpet cleaning in. In some cases same or next day service may be available.

5. No extra charges for extra dirty carpet:

That’s right. Except for Deodorizer and Red Stains there’s no extra charges no matter how dirty or stained your apartment carpet is. My base price might look higher than other carpet cleaning companies, but remember I don’t have hidden charges like some cleaner’s may have.

Easy price guide for apartment carpet cleaning in Vancouver WA*:

  • One bedroom with no dining room carpet: $100 (With dining room carpet $110)
  • Two Bedroom with no dining room carpet: $115 (With dining room carpet $125)
  • Three Bedroom with no dining room carpet: $130 (With dining room carpet $140)
  • All carpets must be vacuumed before arrival. If you prefer I can vacuum for $20 per unit.
  • Red stains $10 each, stairs clean at $2 per each stair.

*Above prices valid for empty apartments or cleaning the exposed carpet.  Furniture moving is not provided for apartments. 

Deodorizer treatment is an option for apartments.  All deodorizer treatments must be approved by the manager before process begins. There’s no guarantee that all offensive odors can be removed. 

Surface Deodorizer

This is our lowest price option. I use a product called Newline New Citrus. This is a all purpose Odor Counteractant that encapsulates the odors on contact. Product will first be applied to the carpet before I clean than I will again apply the product to the carpet after I clean. This option is available for an additional $20 dollars per apartment unit.

Pad Extraction Treatment:

This service is used to extract urine that has penetrated into the padding of the carpet. This is the very best treatment I can use to get out the urine odor in a small area.

1. I will locate the urine using a very strong black-light. This is done free of charge as long as we are cleaning the carpet. If there’s too many urine stains for this treatment to be cost effective I suggest going with Our Triple Process Pet Treatment.

2. If after finding the area with the urine, I will determine if the urine has penetrated the carpet pad. If the carpet pad has been penetrated than I will treat the stain the same way that I do for the Triple Process Pet Treatment but only in that area. The main differences between the two treatments is the use of the water claw to extract from the pad.  This works the best for urine smell in a located the area. Price for this service is an additional $25 for the first urine stain. $15 for each additional urine stain.

Our Triple Process Pet Treatment

This is our best urine treatment when the odor seams to come from all over.  This treatment is also great for the “wet” dog odor”.

  1. We spray Odor & Stain Removal by Pro’s Choice. This destroys offensive odors through the natural strength of oxygen and the biological power of odor modifiers.
  2. We then spray HYDROCIDE Xtreme™, which chemically neutralizes odors by binding, bonding, encapsulating and absorbing odors.
  3. After carpets are clean we spray Newline New Citrus. This is a all purpose Odor Counteractant that encapsulates the odors on contact.

* Price for our Triple Process Pet-treatment is an additional $60 per apartment.

Please keep Top Notch Carpet Cleaning in mind for your next carpet cleaning in Vancouver Washington