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5 Room Vacant Home Carpet Cleaning Coupon at Top Notch Carpet Cleaning in Vancouver WA

5 Room Carpet Cleaning Coupon at Top Notch Carpet Cleaning in Vancouver WA

Expert Pet Odor Treatment Coupon at Top Notch Carpet Cleaning in Vancouver WA

Guardian Carpet Protector Coupon at Top Notch Carpet Cleaning in Vancouver WA

More Info: Guardian Carpet Protector has proven to strongly protect your carpet against dry soils, the major cause of carpet wear. Dry soils will have a harder time bonding to the carpetmaking it easier to vacuum dirt, dust, or any other dry soils. Guardian Carpet Protector will also protect against oily soils making it easier to remove oily binders with professional cleaning. These oil binders help trap soils, locking them to carpet fibers and dulling the fiber’s appearance. we have found that these two things alone may increase the periods between carpet cleanings and improve appearance between cleaning cycles.
Guardian Carpet Protector, depending on the density and fiber type, can create such a strong barrier that beading can occur. This is helpful when a liquid containing an acid dye gets spilled. If the liquid is beading on the top of the carpet, it is easily absorbed and less likely to cause a stain that needs professional care. Other spills are also easily blotted out like pet urine or spills from children.
Cost for applying Guardian Carpet Protector is $20 per area. An area is either a room, hall or a full set of stairs. Because of the product cost there’s a 200 per area square feet limit

More Info: After 20 years cleaning carpets in Vancouver WA and the surrounding area, we finally found two deodorizer’s that we really like. EcoCide Beachy Peachy and Siger’s “Cide” Sauce Lime Citron Odor Destroyer is our new surface deodorizers that smells wonderful and leaves NO soil-attracting residue. They helps eliminate all kind of odors in your carpets. They are non-toxic, non-staining, non-anionic, non-carcinogenic and biodegradable.