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Carpet Cleaning Services

At Top Notch Carpet Cleaning in Vancouver WA we specialize in bringing your old, stained carpet back to life. Whether you are looking for a deep carpet cleaning in your current home or wanting to clean the carpets of your new home before moving in, we will get the job done. By using the most powerful equipment with effective and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions, we am confident that if we cannot get your carpets clean, no one can.

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Why Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaner?

Cleaning carpets without commercial equipment may look effective, but DIY cleaning won’t get at the deep stains, and it might actually drive them in further! Professional carpet cleaning uses powerful cleaning and extra-strength extraction techniques to clean and lift stains right out of your carpet.┬áTop Notch Carpet Cleaning uses the Everest 650, professional equipment that is over twice as powerful as other commercial carpet cleaning machines! we also treat tough stains individually, carefully treating and lifting even old stains out. By using the Everest 650, and following every carpet cleaning with a powerful extraction, our professional cleaning techniques will leave your carpet cleaner and dryer than other commercial cleaning companies. While other commercial cleaners use your own tap water (typically hard water, in the Vancouver WA area), we only use soft water from our own specially-filtered supply. Hard water can leave your carpet crunchy or stiff, and soft water ensures that your newly cleaned carpet is soft and free of residue.

No matter how dirty your carpets are, you always pay one low price – no hidden fees! You know what you will be paying before your scheduled service. As the best carpet cleaning company of Vancouver WA, Top Notch carpet Cleaning will always do the very best job possible cleaning your carpets, stairs, rugs, and upholstery. If for any reason you are not 100% happy with your carpet cleaning services we will return and re-clean free of charge. If you are still unhappy after the re-clean, you will receive a full refund!