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Pet Odor Removal

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Pet Odor and Stain Removal in Vancouver WA and Portland ORHere in Vancouver, Washington and Portland Metro we love our pets. Urine and odor are problems that all pet owners must make peace with at some point in their life. When my clients ask me about how to reduce the smell of pet odor, I must consider multiple factors. The main considerations when dealing with pet odor is the size of the animal, the breed, the animals diet and most importantly any illness that could be causing an odor such as kidney problems. I have 2 different options for pet-treatment in the Vancouver WA and surrounding areas. However because urine odors can cause extensive damage, I can not guarantee complete odor removal on any job.

Basic odor treatment:

This is a low-cost option. I use a quality deodorizer that’s added to my pre-treatment and also is sprayed on the carpets after cleaning. This powerful deodorizer absorbs, modifies, and eliminates odors hiding in your carpet. Cost for this option is only 10 dollars per area. An area can either be a room, hall or a full set of stairs.

Our Best Pet Urine Removal Option

Pad Extraction Treatment:

This service is used to extract urine that has penetrated into the back or padding of your carpet. This is the very best treatment I can use to get out the urine odor. If you decide to use this method, I will first locate the urine using a very strong black-light and moisture probes. After finding the effective areas I will flush out each effective area using a urine pre-conditioner to break up the urine deposits and then I will flush out the effective area agian using a fast acting enzyme deodorizer. A tool called a Water Claw allows me to extract the effective areas from the pad and back of the carpet. This method is my best option for your pet urine issues.

Cost for this method is $20 dollars for the first urine stain, than 15 dollars for each additional urine stain. Maximum size of one square foot area for each urine stain. Also you will receive my basic odor treatment free of charge for any rooms that receives my pad extraction treatment.

Pet Odor Removal in Vancouver WA & Camas WA

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