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Pet Urine Removal

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Pet Odor and Stain Removal in Vancouver WA and Portland OR

Even the most well-behaved, perfectly-trained pet will have incidents of indoor “accidents”. Urine and odor are problems that all pet owners face. When my clients ask me about reducing the smell of pet odor, the following factors must be considered: the size of the animal, the breed, the animal’s diet, and most importantly, any illness that could be causing the odor, such as kidney problems. There are many options for pet odor neutralizing, including removing the pet urine from carpet. Deep carpet cleaning can make a huge difference in pet odor removal, but because urine odors can cause extensive damage, complete odor removal cannot be guaranteed.

Removing Pet Urine From Carpet

Our 3 Step Odor Treatment Option:

  • First Step: We will first inspect any problem areas with a powerful black light. After locating the affected areas that need pet urine treatment, a urine pre-conditional is sprayed onto the area. This will break down the urine and get it ready to be removed.
  • Second Step: A product called OSR – Oxygen Stain Removal – is sprayed onto the carpet. It combines the power of natural oxygen with the biological power of odor modification to destroy urine, vomit, feces, and the “wet dog” smell. This product will be sprayed over the entire carpet of the room I am treating, or I will pour a fast-acting enzyme directly on each urine stain. This helps remove smells that are down deep in the pad, making your deep carpet cleaning more effective.
  • Third Step: After cleaning, a pet odor neutralizer and deodorizer is sprayed onto the carpet. This product absorbs, modifies, and eliminates odors hiding in your carpet.

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Deep Carpet Cleaning to Eliminate Pet Odor

The cost for Pet Odor Treatment is $30 per area, in addition to our carpet cleaning cost. An area is a room, hall, or staircase. Because every area, pet, and carpet material is different, eliminating pet odor completely from any carpet cannot be guaranteed. If you’re looking for carpet cleaning in Vancouver WA, give Top Notch Carpet Cleaning a call! We are experienced with pet odor and urine removal, and we can give you the most comprehensive carpet cleaning services in the area.