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Platinum Carpet Cleaning Package

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Platinum Carpet Cleaning Services in Vancouver WA

Are you looking to get the very best carpet cleaning and protection for your carpet in Vancouver WA and all of Clark County? Then our all new Platinum Carpet Cleaning Package is for you. My Platinum 14 step carpet cleaning package is the best I've ever offered. If you are moving into your new house or you just want to sit back and let us do most of the work, this is the perfect package for you. Due to the extra time involved with my Platinum Package service it has to be ordered during your booking process. Upgrades are not available at time of service.

14 Step Platinum Carpet Cleaning Process:

Step 1: Pre-Inspection
I will walk through your home with you to visually inspect the carpet and identify potential permanent stains to give you an honest evaluation on expected results.

Step 2: Commercial Vacuuming
I will vacuum the carpet with a 2 motor highly rated commercial vacuum. Removing dry soil is a very important step to getting your carpet thoroughly cleaned.

Step 3: Furniture Moving
Offer includes furniture moving of up to 4 items per room. During the cleaning process, I will move each item back and forth and put plastic or foam square blocks underneath the legs. I do ask you to move all smaller items before arrival. I do not move dressers, entertainment centers, beds or items over 60 lbs - only exception is for a standard 3 cushion sofa. Furniture moving is not available for vacant house pricing.

Step 4: Soft Water
Vancouver WA and most of Clark County Washington tend to have hard water, which will not provide the best results. Because of this, I installed a full size water softener system at my house solely to fill up my 200 gallon fresh water tank. This allows me to clean all day long using soft water, which in return cleans better and leaves you with a softer feeling carpet.

Step 5: Pre-spray
A preconditional agent is applied to break down traffic lanes and spots. I use 2 different preconditions depending on age or carpet and soil and spot conditional.

Step 6: Pre-spot
Difficult spot are pre-treated with special cleaning agents to help increase chances of removal.

Step 7: Pre-scrubbing
Depending on the age and soil condition of yoour carpet a professional power scrubber may be used to further loosen soil in you carpets.

Step 8: Truck Mounted Soil Extraction and Rinse
Your carpet is thoroughly rinsed with the most powerful truck mounted system that is being used in Vancouver WA and all of Clark County. This allows me to get your carpet fibers as clean and dry as possible.

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Step 9: Neutralizing
Every carpet I clean is pH balanced so there is no sticky residue left behind. This step is very important not to skip as it gives you a soft feeling carpet.

Step 10: Post Spot
If any spots or stains are still remaining they will get an extra treatment. This process helps on stubborn stains that may not come out doing the main cleaning process like coffee, tea and urine.

Step 11: Guardian Carpet Protection
This is the most important step in my Platinum Carpet Cleaning Process. It strongly protects your carpet against dry soils, the major cause of carpet wear. I am so confident it helps with food and beverage spills, I’m able to offer a 1 year food and beverage spill warranty. More information on Guardian Carpet Protector and warranty information is below on this page.

Step 12: Post Grooming
I will take a carpet rake to groom your carpet fibers in one direction. This will work the Guardian Carpet Protector into your carpet fibers, and it aids in the drying process by leaving your carpet fibers standing tall.

Step 13: Speed Drying
When you purchase my Platinum Carpet Cleaning Package for your home, I will speed dry as many rooms as possible – free of charge. I place air-movers specifically made to dry your carpet. By doing this, you may have a room or two dry before I leave. Speed drying is not available for vacant home cleaning.

Step 14: Post Cleaning Inspection
With free shoe covers given to you after carpet cleaning, I will have you go around and look at the job so I can take care of any problem areas you may see. All jobs come with my 30 day clean carpet guarantee. If for any reason you are not 100% happy with your carpet cleaning I will return and re-clean free of charge. If you are still unhappy after the re-clean, you will receive a full refund!



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*Size limit for one room is 200 sq feet. Extra square footage can be added for 40 cents per sq foot. A room can also be substituted for a hall. For the Platinum Carpet Cleaning Package, the cost per stair is $5.

Guardian Carpet Protector

Included in the Platinum Carpet Cleaning package is the application of Guardian Carpet Protector. This has proven to strongly protect your carpet against dry soils, the major cause of carpet wear. Dry soils will have a harder time bonding to the carpet making it easier to vacuum dirt, dust, or any other dry soils. Guardian Carpet Protector will also protect against oily soils making it easier to remove oily binders with professional cleaning. These oil binders help trap soils, locking them to carpet fibers and dulling the fiber’s appearance. I have found that these two things alone may increase the periods between carpet cleanings and improve appearance between cleaning cycles.

Guardian Carpet Protector, depending on the density and fiber type, can create such a strong barrier that beading can occur. This is helpful when a liquid containing an acid dye gets spilled. If the liquid is beading on the top of the carpet, it is easily absorbed and less likely to cause a stain that needs professional care. Other spills are also easily blotted out like pet urine or spills from children.

*1 year food and beverage spill warranty is only valid for accidental spills. Before calling for an appointment, customer must try to get spill out with our professional stain remover that we provide after your carpet cleaning. In the unlikely event that we cannot remove the food or beverage spill, we will gladly refund the purchase price of what you paid for the room I cleaned.

Platinum Carpet Cleaning Package in Vancouver WA and Portland OR

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