Pet Odor Removal

Pet Odor Removal Portland OR

Here in Vancouver, Washington and Portland Metro we love our pets. Urine and odor are problems that all pet owners must make peace with at some point in their life. When my clients ask me about how to reduce the smell of pet odor, I must consider multiple factors. The main considerations when dealing with pet odor is the size of the animal, the breed, the animals diet and most importantly any illness that could be causing an odor such as kidney problems. I have 2 different options for pet-treatment in the Vancouver and Portland Metro area. However because urine odors can cause extensive damage, I can not guarantee complete urine removal on any job.

Surface Deodorizer

This is a very good for a free option: I use a product called Newline New Citrus. This is an all purpose Odor Counteractant that encapsulates the odors on contact. Product will be applied in my pre-treatment.

Our Best Pet Odor Removal Option:

We use fast action enzyme deodorizer for urine, feces and vomit.  This is not a masking agent.  It’s an odor encapsulation providing immediate odor relief.  Cost is $20 per room.  Room size is limited to 200 square feet.  A hall or a full set of stairs can be substitute for a room.