Guardian Carpet Protector

Includes 6 month beverage spill warranty*

Guardian Carpet Protector has proven its value to dramatically improve your carpet against dry soils, the major cause of carpet wear. Dry soils will have a hard time bonding against the carpet and will more easily be removed by vacuuming. Fewer abrasive soils equals less wear on your valuable carpet fibers which equals a longer life for your floor covering investment.

Guardian Carpet Protector will also protect against oily soils making it easier to remove oily binders with professional cleaning. These oil binders help trap soils, locking them to carpet fibers and dulling the fiber’s appearance. I have found that these two things alone may increase the periods between carpet cleanings and improve appearance between cleaning cycles.

Guardian Carpet Protector, depending on the density and fiber type, can create such a strong barrier that beading can occur. This is helpful when a liquid is spilled containing an acid dye. If the liquid is beading on the top of the carpet, it is easily absorbed and less likely to cause a stain that needs professional care. Of course. other spills are also easily blotted out like puppy accidents or spill from children and your spouse.

Let Top Notch Carpet Cleaning, your trusted cleaning professional apply Guardian Carpet Protector. You will have the peace of mind that your soon to be clean and fresh carpets will stay that way longer than ever before.

*6 month beverage spill warranty is only valid for accidental liquid spills. Customer must try to get spill out before calling. If an unlikely event that I cannot remove the beverage spill I will gladly refund the purchase price of what you paid for Guardian Carpet Protector for your entire house. Limit of 3 call backs per 6 month warranty.